Plank Kings of the Pacific Northwest

The Salish Indian tribes of the Northwest have always had a rich tradition of Seafood, diets of early tribes consisted of Clams, Oysters, Sea lion and especially Salmon. They considered Salmon their most plentiful food source and at the start of every Spring which brought about the annual Salmon mating Run, they threw huge feasts honoring the Salmon. [For they believed the Salmon chose to sacrifice themselves to humans so that their spirits could go on to live again like humans in houses under the sea.]

Popular methods of Preparation Included smoking, and indirect grilling on Planks of Cedar and Alder wood, both of which continue to be popular today. We traveled up and down the Coast Between Washington and Oregon, and here where some of our favorites:


McMenins, Portland OR McMenins, Portland OR

McMenin’s a local institution in Portland does a rich planked Salmon topped with a cranberry goat cheese and served with a side of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and broccoli. Their house distilled single malt comes highly recommended as well!

Tasty n Alder

Tasty n Alder, Portland OR. Tasty n Alder, Portland OR.

Tasty n Alder is a bustling dimly lit gastro pub in downtown Portland that proudly features local farm ingredients & brews on their menu. Overall this was the best we tasted, the thicker than average cedar contributed to a very well seasoned piece of Salmon.

Sky City (Restaurant atop the Seattle Space Needle)

unnamed-6 Sky City, Seattle WA.

What better place for a taste of Washington than atop the Space Needle. Sky City restaurant serves up an excellent piece of fish, combine that with some truly fantastic views of the cascades and downtown Seattle and here you have a winner!

Elliot’s Oyster House 

Elliot's Oyster House, Seattle, WA. Elliot’s Oyster House, Seattle, WA.

Situated right on the Seattle Waterfront Elliot’s Oyster house is one of the places in the city for seafood of all kinds. This was overall the second best, and they have three options for planked Salmon King, Coho, or Sockeye. The king Salmon is highly recommended!



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