Hong Kong Style Typhoon Shelter Crab & Shrimp

Treat yourself to an authentic taste of Hong Kong with this easy to make recipe for Hong Kong style Typhoon Shelter Stir fried Crab & Shrimp!   Continue reading Hong Kong Style Typhoon Shelter Crab & Shrimp

Days in the east…..The End of Summer catch up: Powerful Moments in HK, Stranger Things in Yedo

One of the most wonderful things about living and traveling abroad is that your notions will often change. Notions about the world, your home country (wherever that may be), and notions about yourself will forever change and you will hold … Continue reading Days in the east…..The End of Summer catch up: Powerful Moments in HK, Stranger Things in Yedo

Loads of Fun in Kaohsiung!

From the time the jet banked through the puffy nimbus clouds I had a good feeling about this place! As we were making our final descent into the South Taiwanese city I could see bluffs reminiscent of the Southern California coastline, … Continue reading Loads of Fun in Kaohsiung!

Black Whalers of the 18th & 19th Centuries

by Brandon Bell As an enthusiast of all types of Cetaceans its difficult for me to process Whaling and those who participate in the industry. The intellect, curiosity and complex social dynamics of these magnificent creatures in some ways mirror … Continue reading Black Whalers of the 18th & 19th Centuries

Seattles Best…Ramen?

by Brandon Bell   In truth Seattle’s known as a coffee town, Starbucks leads the pack followed by a few local favorites such as Cherry Street Coffee house and, Ballard Coffee Works. Here Coffee shops are Ubiquitous, you WILL drink … Continue reading Seattles Best…Ramen?

Reflections from the remote…

by Brandon Bell Sitting here on this remote beach in the San Juan Island’s regarding the nearby Cascades, the mighty Mounts Baker and Rainer in my peripheral, I can’t help but consider The Book: Walden. Walden was Henry David Thoreau’s impetus on meditation and spiritual reset. Thoreau is not a man of whom I’d agree on everything with, nor have I much use for his adolescence, (which is evident throughout the book). However the one place I believe he was on to something was in cultivating the spirit of self reliance and being well attuned with the true nature of … Continue reading Reflections from the remote…

Sea Scavengers & Colonial History

by Brandon Bell From the time I set foot on New England soil I felt a deep sense of Colonial History creep upon me. From the cranberrie fields to cosmopolitan Boston, entrenched in this land of foliage and creeks, and … Continue reading Sea Scavengers & Colonial History

Intro to Ramen

by Brandon Bell My love affair with Japanese Ramen started almost 5 years ago in Downtown Los Angeles. A delicious fatty bowl of Noodles and Pork, Ramen has been easily elevated to my favorite dish. Now typically I’m sworn against … Continue reading Intro to Ramen