Hong Kong Style Typhoon Shelter Crab & Shrimp

Treat yourself to an authentic taste of Hong Kong with this easy to make recipe for Hong Kong style Typhoon Shelter Stir fried Crab & Shrimp!   Continue reading Hong Kong Style Typhoon Shelter Crab & Shrimp

Seattles Best…Ramen?

by Brandon Bell   In truth Seattle’s known as a coffee town, Starbucks leads the pack followed by a few local favorites such as Cherry Street Coffee house and, Ballard Coffee Works. Here Coffee shops are Ubiquitous, you WILL drink … Continue reading Seattles Best…Ramen?

Plank Kings of the Pacific Northwest

The Salish Indian tribes of the Northwest have always had a rich tradition of Seafood, diets of early tribes consisted of Clams, Oysters, Sea lion and especially Salmon. They considered Salmon their most plentiful food source and at the start … Continue reading Plank Kings of the Pacific Northwest

Sea Scavengers & Colonial History

by Brandon Bell From the time I set foot on New England soil I felt a deep sense of Colonial History creep upon me. From the cranberrie fields to cosmopolitan Boston, entrenched in this land of foliage and creeks, and … Continue reading Sea Scavengers & Colonial History

Intro to Ramen

by Brandon Bell My love affair with Japanese Ramen started almost 5 years ago in Downtown Los Angeles. A delicious fatty bowl of Noodles and Pork, Ramen has been easily elevated to my favorite dish. Now typically I’m sworn against … Continue reading Intro to Ramen